Straight Sided | 100 mL PET Bottle
Straight Sided | 100 mL PET Bottle


Straight Sided | 100 mL PET Bottle

[Item # OG2-53400]

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The BausBottle is a great alternative option to glass jars. When compared, this food grade, shatterproof, PET bottle is higher in clarity than it’s glass alternative. To highlight it’s shatterproof and lightweight qualities - using the BausBottle is known to prevent overall losses caused by accidental damage, all the while, keeping shipping costs to a minimum as it moves it’s way through the supply chain. The BausBottle is up to 350% Lighter than glass of the same size. 

Pairing the BausBottle with our certified child resistant lids, custom boxes and labels, creates an incredibly viable and compliant packaging solution that will stand proud next to other packages on the shelf.